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Production studio


So Far Away is a production studio – music label, founded in 2011 from an idea of Marco Mantovanelli (Rapper / Producer / Sound Engineer). Our production studio is the right place for your music, with trained staff ready to answer to all your questions.

So Far Away is a home for artists. We will assist you in planning what is best for you, in all stages of production,from A to Z:

  • Pre-production
  • production
  • post-production music and film
  • photograph
  • graphics
  • videoclip
  • trade promotion
  • courses and private lessons in schools.

So Far Away is responsive to your requests, your needs and puts you at ease, looking for the best solutions at competitive prices. Our goal is to ensure that you obtain the utmost professionalism and quality for your products, taking care of the demands of the music marketing.

So Far Away is also a label: our mission is carried out to promote and assist, with our dedication, independent artists, like you, emerging in our country; ensure that your art can find a place on the Italian music market. We are a new reality, friend of the music and of artists.

Contact us to inform you on all our services and request a free quote. So Far Away: your dream is ours.